Let Out!

Tried a lot of things, actually got tired of trying too. And then one day this awe-inspiring idea came to me – “Why not start a blog” . Here I am and here we all are,reading and writing out our heart. Internet is a free domain once told, I’m yet another in the other one millions who is trying her hands on writing and sharing with the world who I am, what are my thoughts and how I actually feel about things.  I know it’s not a personal diary but secret leaked and I swear this is tried n tested; the satisfaction gained when the target person reads what you anonymously wrote about them is much much bigger than preserving that locked up personal diary for years.

That’s what it is all about.  Everything is dual faced in this world damn it! We want to be treated in a certain way in this world by people and when not treated like that we get restless,  it hurts on the inside and that’s when frustration builds up. “I want her to bloody know she did wrong to me and so I’m not going to talk to her until she realises herself”  Utter Bullshit!

I really wish to change these behavioural conflicts inside of me. I think for women quite a complex machinery of thought process was organised by god to carry out things and that’s what made a difference.  I personally love myself when I derive a good conclusion after thinking and hence landing on a logical solution to things.  But I hate how I tackle other various life problems.

So for girls like me who really need a push as to why they should speak up, let out their anger, voice out their opinions,  be themselves here read on. Just Let Out!

The world suddenly takes away that burden we create on ourselves hypothetically. The air is free and so are the pathogens in it, Attack before you get Attacked!

Let out. And don’t apologise for that.

Keep coming back if you need a push in life, just like that.